Jerry Gietka

[email protected]

Auditioning For Community Theater

Class Outline

I. Introduction:

A. What ? My Acting ABD's

B. Why?

    1. My Expectations

    2. Your expectations 

II. My Acting ABD's

A. Purpose

    1. Acting (A)

(This is NOT a class on ACTING technique)

    2. Auditions (A)

B. Types of auditions

C. Characteristics

D. Before you get there (B)

E. Director (D)

   1. Expectations

   2. What are they looking for?

   3. Reasons why some are NOT cast

F. Do’s & Don’ts (D)


IV. Close & Evaluation

An actor’s job is auditioning. 

Handout Attachments:

1. Questionnaire

2. An Actor’s Code of Ethics

3. An Actor’s Guide to Performance

4. Lessons You Learn in Class

5. Character Study

6. Web Sites of Interest

7. Evaluation

I originally developed this several years ago at the request of Viv Shub of the BTA. It is in the form of a powerpoint presentation and I could either bring my own LCD projector or use yours if available. Or I could reproduce it in a handout form. It can be done in approximately 2 to 3 hours or expanded into a full day.