About Me

Born, raised and educated (BA,MBA & LHD) in Baltimore, Maryland. Retired now from multiple careers in the public, private and academic sectors. I have managed Interstate Operations for numerous Transportation Companies and in 1994 received an award for superior performance in the Motor Carrier Safety Program from Secretary Pena of the U.S. DOT. I managed government programs and in 1998 was nominated for employee of the year for the MD Dept. of the Environment. I drafted and published regulatory and legislative changes and responded to the docket on various hazardous materials issues for the State of MD. I designed and taught courses as an adjunct professor at the University of Maryland, University College Graduate School of Management and Engineering (now UMGC) . I also had a brief career in IT, with responsibilities for Computer Security planning and database management and construction. This diverse background and experience in various workplace cultures gives me a unique perspective and bottom line approach to many of today's hot button issues and allows me to interpret and understand the language peculiar to each of these occupations.  Oh, and BTW, I also designed and created my own web pages (including this one). What can I say, I got bored quickly? And with today's information rich society and the internet, I have always been fortunate enough to be able to teach myself what I needed to succeed

I was a Trustee for the Community Colleges of Baltimore County, appointed by Governor Hogan.  I now spend my time pursuing my avocation, the performing arts.  I recently agreed to serve on an advisory committee for the Fulton School at Salisbury University.   I currently serve on the board for 3 separate private charitable foundations and a local community theatre. I have previously served on the boards of directors for the American Breast Cancer Foundation, Pumpkin Children's Theatre and Cockpit in Court Summer Theatre. When my children were young, I was active with the Edmondson Heights Recreation Council. I coached and served as President for various sports organizations (baseball and basketball) and age groups.

I have been involved in theatre since my college years. Over the years, performing has always been my mental therapy. I just love getting up in front of people. I have appeared in and directed numerous Maryland/WDC/NOVA community theatre productions and films (newly released Day of the Gun). I have had my own radio talk shows (WCBM & WNAV) and have also won a telly award for hosting various programs on local public access TV (Baltimore City and Baltimore and Anne Arundel counties) . I love fishing in Maryland's world class fisheries on the Gunpowder River or the Maryland portion of the Potomac River.

I do still enjoy and wish to spend some time as a business consultant. I welcome the opportunity to meet and work with you.

Please contact me by e-mail ([email protected]) to explore if there is an appropriate match of your needs and my talents.  


BA (Bachelor of Arts ENG)

MBA (Masters Business Administration)

LHD (Doctor of Humanities with honoris causae)



I have years of experience in the public sector managing both administrative and operations functions. I have had responsibilities for program activities involving the development of regulations, statutory amendments and general permits. I was often called on to respond to policy issues in these areas, both in writing and at public meetings as a response to citizen and legislative inquiries.

Meeting the requirements:

1) Information Management: I have created, designed and managed database, reports and forms for capturing, storing and sorting data. I am familiar with Dbase, FoxPro and Access having received certification training in Dbase. Also familiar with Microsoft Project Manager, Excel, Powerpoint and Word and other software and hardware. I can assist you in developing a computer security policy for your organization. I developed and helped to implement a uniform master template for reporting department wide enforcement and compliance activity

2) Knowledgeable of office methods and procedures, organizational structures, staffing and administrative controls in practical application (State Government, private sector experience and academic training, MBA). I have also had formal training in and implemented Total Quality Management (TQM) and various performance measurement systems.I can assist you in insuring that your office methods, procedures and policies have maximum efficiency and effect.

3) Administration and Procurement: Familiar with basic principles of accounting, finance and statistics (again from both practical experience and academic training). I can assist you in the preparation and oversight of budgets. I prepared and managed annual budgets up to $52mil.

4) Personnel Services and Affirmative Action: Experience in personnel administration and development in private sector. I have had direct responsibility for 75+ employees in private sector. I served as a Mgt. rep on the Joint Area Grievance Committee (IBT & ILA) for a number of years. I appeared before the NLRB & the State Workman's Comp Commission as part of my personnel responsibilities. I can assist you in insuring that you are in compliance with government requirements and streamline your practices.

5) Regulations & Policy Advisor: Knowledgeable of legislative and regulatory references. I have drafted both regulations and statutory amendments. I have drafted general permits and responded to the docket on behalf of State and local agencies. I drafted replies to USDOT preemption cases representing the Department’s defense to our regulatory authority. In this capacity I worked closely with the State's Attorney General’s Office.

6) Developing and communicating policies: I personally appreciate any opportunity to get up in front of people. This is proven as well by my avocation, which is acting. I have performed in award winning plays at the Maryland State one act play festival and appeared at the National Theater in Washington DC as well as in films and several cable TV programs. I have considerable public speaking experience. My experience, training and education allow me to translate legal, business and financial language to everyday understandable English. I can assist your organization in insuring that your employees understand what is required by law and what is expected by organization policy.

7) Coordinating and implementing training: I have developed numerous training packages. I was an adjunct assistant professor at the University of MD, University College Graduate School of Technology and Management where I developed and taught a graduate level course in Environmental Management. I also put this course ONLINE. I can help your organization design and implement classes and workshops to meet government compliance requirements or simply to change the culture in your organization.

8) Business Development: As Regional Manager in industry prior to public service I had responsibility for sales and marketing as well as P&L accountability (10+ years). I also managed various GRANT PROGRAMS while in government service.

9) Accomplishments/ Awards/ Commendations: I received a plaque from Secretary Pena of the United States Department of Transportation for my work as an associate staff instructor for the Transportation Safety Institute. I spent several years traveling the country training enforcement officials in the proper interpretation and application of Federal rules governing hazardous materials covering DOT, EPA, DOE and OSHA requirements.

Summary: I have always had ability to exercise initiative in the work place. When a mission or final goal is agreed upon, I usually need no further direction for methods development, resource and time management or whatever else may be required to accomplish it. My experience and education in industry, government and academia give me a unique perspective and talent for dealing with the various constituencies.